Facial Treatments

Thalgo La Beaute Marine

Thalgo harnesses the riches of the sea, so you can benefit from revitalisation and rebalancing properties vital for health and wellbeing.

Facial Treatments

Mini-facial – Cleanses, tones, and moisturises to leave the skin feeling fresh and revitalised. For all skin types.

  • 30 minute treatment……£31.00

Re-balancing Marine Algae – Suitable for most skin types.

  • 60 minute treatment……£57.00

Thalgodermyl – Anti-acne – decongesting and antiseptic facial.

60 minute treatment……£57.00

Chronodetox Oxygen – The ultimate antipollution treatment for dull and stressed skin. The treatment will brighten and revitalise.

  • 60 minute treatment……£57.00

Cold Marine – Suitable for sensitive and reatice skin. Reduces redness leaving a fresh luminous completion.

  • 60 minute treatment…… £57.00

Extreme Comfort – For dry/very dry skin – to nourish, repair and restore comfort to the skin.

  • 60 minute treatment……£60.00

Including eye treatment

  • 75 minute treatment……£60.00

Hydra Moisture Source – A relaxing and hydrating treatment using active marine ingredients and a mask to combat dehydration and fine lines, leaving skin radiant.

  • 60 minute treatment……£60.00

Pure Collagen Velvet Pamper yourself with an uplifting anti-aging facial. Leaving skin hydrated and refined.

  • 60 minute treatment……£70.00

Silicium Super-Life Facial – A super lift facial designed to combat all the signs of aging including loss of firmness and wrinkles. Relax with the cleansing and exfoliating facial. Get ready to lose years, see your complextion grow, lines less noticeable and your skin firmer.

  • 75 minute treatment……£80.00

Guinot Institute Paris

Hydradermie Facial – By use of rolling techniques, the skin is lifted, feeling tones and rejuvenated.

  • 75 minute treatment……£60.00

Super Hydradermie Facial – Includes extra relaxing movements around the eyes and neck.

  • 105 minute treatment……£80.00

Beaute Neuve Double Peeling Facial – Course of three facials for best effects. Using Vitamin C and Glyco Acid to rid the skin of all imperials. Fantastic as a booster treatment for shallow, dull complexions.

  • 60 minute treatment……£53.00
  • Course of 3……£139.00


Deeply exfoliating to rejuvenate the skin thereby reducing pore size, acne and fine lines.

  • Single Micro-dermabrasion treatment (60 minute treatment)……£50.00  
  • ½ Micro-dermabrasion treatment (30 minute treatment)……£30.00
  • ¼ Micro-dermabrasion treatment (15 minute treatment)……£15.00

CACI Treatments

Face Treatments

This is a very popular treatment which uses micro-current to perform a non-surgical face-lift. The stimulus are used on the muscle to tighten and smooth the skin thereby preventing signs of aging. Therapists customise the course both for body and face to meet the clients specific concerns. The body techniques uses slimming, toning and contouring impulses.

  • Trial treatment (60 minute treatment)…… £50.00
  • Single treatment (60 minute treatment)……£50.00
  • Course of 12 (1 FREE)…….£525.00
  • EYE CACI (30 minute treatment)……£30.00
  • Course of 12 (1 FREE)……£330.00
  • Hydratone Mask (10 minute treatment)……£25.00
  • Jowl Lift (30 minute treatment)……£30.00

Tone and firm the jaw line. Improve the appearance of sagging jowls. Light and firm facial contour.